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This is the website of authors Calum Johnston and Linda Johnston.

Our story writing began during the first lockdown of 2020 when Calum was doing distance
learning from school and told me he didn’t feel confident writing stories. I asked him what
he would like to write about and he chose cats, his favourite animal. He decided there
would be nine and chose their names and we worked together coming up with ideas of
situations these cats would find themselves in. Five stories were completed and I decided
to have them published in one book as a keepsake of our lockdown project. The book is
called “The 9 Cats”.

We have continued to write and The 9 Cats will be having more adventures! We also look
forward to introducing new characters through our stories.

Our website name, “Cuddlecats Publishing”, is inspired by our own two cats, Lola and Judy,
who get on really well.

We will keep our website up to date with any new project news.

** We have opened a Teemill Store, offering merchandise featuring images from our books, you can visit the website HERE **

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About the Illustrator

Jacqueline Tee is a freelance illustrator working mainly in Children’s books, she especially enjoys collaborating with fledging authors. She has particular success in portraying animal and bird characters, combining realism, whimsical and quirky. This mix has led to a lovely partnership with Linda and Calum, helping to bring to life their wonderful stories.